Through their identification with the Company, their commitment to its objectives, and their dedicated efforts, the Company’s employees make a crucial contribution to the success of the HUGO BOSS Group. Employee qualifications and motivation are therefore a central element of human capital as non-financial performance indicators.

Five-Year development of numbers of employees
Five-Year Development of Numbers of Employees (bar chart)

Thanks to the highly qualified staff, most vacant management positions in Germany and abroad can be filled by HUGO BOSS Group employees, thus ensuring that our expertise is expanded while remaining within the Company. Employee potential is also fostered by a high degree of personal responsibility and extensive training. Comprehensive talent and performance management was introduced to improve employee qualifications. Employee expertise is recorded in an Internet-based system and then analyzed to create a corresponding individual and targeted development plan. The impact of these activities can be seen in HUGO BOSS’ distinction as “Great Place to Work” in a competition carried out by business journal Capital.

HUGO BOSS got an award as being a “Great Place to Work” in 2008.

HUGO BOSS also further increased its number of trainees in the past fiscal year so it can continue to recruit many of its skilled personnel and managers from its own ranks. Qualified professional education is a decisive factor in giving young people a good and healthy start into the working world. HUGO BOSS employed 31 trainees (2007: 24) as of the beginning of the new training year. In doing so, the HUGO BOSS Group offers young people a variety of interesting and varied trainee positions. Professional training efforts focus on trainee positions such as industrial clerk, retail clerk, inventory administration specialist, electronics engineer for operational technology, and fashion seamstress/tailor. Training for the position of textile laboratory assistant was added in the 2008 training year.

HUGO BOSS’ trainee programs: industrial and retail clerk, inventory administration specialist, electronics engineer for operational technology, fashion seamstress/tailor and textile laboratory assistant.

HUGO BOSS also offers curriculums at the University of Corporate Education. The trainees can attend courses in international business and business IT, as well as in shipping, transport, and logistics, which started in 2008. This cooperation will be expanded and further developed on an ongoing basis. In line with this, a number of interns and diploma candidates also received practical insights into the various divisions and business processes at HUGO BOSS in 2008. The success of ongoing efforts to create a cadre at the Group is evidenced by the fact that, as in previous years, a large number of the interns and diploma candidates transferred to a permanent employment relationship in 2008.

Course programs at the University of Corporate Education: international business, business IT as well as shipping, transport and logistics.

Employees by region
Employees by Region (pie chart)

Employee motivation is supported by modern financial incentive models that reward individual performance. This also includes the introduction of working time accounts, which allows employees to determine their working hours individually within a working time corridor according to their personal and professional needs. This reduces overtime and the conflict between family and profession.

HUGO BOSS has also developed its own three-part plan for conflict between family and career aimed at parents: First, the Company provides a financial subsidy to help cover the costs of childcare. Second, HUGO BOSS AG, working in cooperation with the city of Metzingen, has reserved a specific number of places in a childcare center. Finally, the Company also helps its employees in arranging child care.

With a number of opportunities in sports, fitness, and health, the Group provides an appropriate work-life balance to offer employees a balance in their daily work routines while at the same time giving them the opportunity to live the corporate culture together. The multifaceted employee program is also supplemented by cultural events that extend far beyond the professional environment. For example, the HUGO BOSS ArtPass, which is issued annually, gives every employee and one companion free entry to selected museums around the world. The Group also organizes a variety of cultural trips and guided tours to exhibitions, which are always well attended.

These and other activities make HUGO BOSS one of the most popular employers, not only in Germany. Corporate culture is characterized by an international atmosphere and shared values, and HUGO BOSS considers its employees’ diversity as one of the strengths of the Company.

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